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How does the Internet work ???

Our logs show considerable activity from non-local viewers.
We are very interested in discussing your current or potential
website-needs -
regardless of your location!

10MAX.com Fast Websites believes that our clients around the World (and you) are entitled to a fast downloading website that focusing upon your products and purposes - not, our attention-diverting, webmaster-tricks.

Accordingly, slow-loading, un-necessary gimmicks, effects and webmaster-tricks  are never used
- example: award-winning, television commercials which are remembered for their humor instead instead of their product. Simply stated, a 10MAX web site is a fast-downloading, easily navigated and remembered website!

Search-engines "feed" off of text - not images; also, text is faster. By placing "keywords" in the HTML-code and informative-text (legitimate - not gamesmanship), you may be rewarded with a high-ranking.

Your 10MAX.com - fast website will load (download) within 10-seconds - at 56.6-Kbps - this information-rich page downloads within 4-seconds, even with images (logo and background). Most viewers are using a smart phone, iPhone,  overloaded (slow) networks, or, computers simultaneously-running other programs. Many viewers are in other countries, where there are no high-speed connections, and, connection-times are very expensive. Studies show that viewers will respond favorably to a fast downloading web site by not disconnecting, and also, by returning for additional/updated information and commerce.

Elton Kelly - owner / webmaster - was in bank-management for many years. We want each web site to be a very fast website and to become a very successful "cash register" for our client.

You will not need a separate "mobile-site" for cell phone viewing !!!

Photos on our fast websites are "low-resolution and "thumb nailed" - giving the viewer the option of clicking for a larger/slower image. As viewers become involved in selecting information through menuing, etc. they are more committed and willing to wait a reasonable period - without feeling "trapped" during downloading.

Each page is designed with clear/logical navigational menus and compatible-look to the overall website. The viewer is assured of still being within the same fast loading web site while quickly exploring the website's contents.

Please contact us to discuss your existing or potential website -
if you want a fast downloading website!

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